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WellSky Human and Social Services

Welcome to the third issue of the WellSky Human & Social Services Quarterly Update.

This issue is packed with product information and updates, an extensive list of events we will be attending through the end of June, and summaries of two white papers by our own industry experts, Jay Bulot and Gabe Cate.

Jay's white paper reviews trends coming to human and social services, courtesy of the CHRONIC Care Act. Gabe's publication covers drivers behind the need for Continuums of Care and health care organizations to partner, as well as examples on how some are doing so already.

In addition, you'll find:
  • A short survey on the value of this quarterly update
  • An update on our phone system
  • A WellSky Managed Services case study
  • An introduction to our new Resource Directory
  • Product news across almost all of our WellSky Human and Social Services solutions

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Thank you!
The WellSky Human and Social Services team
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