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Why Voters Haven’t Been Buying the Case for Building

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019
In This Issue: Estate Planning Does Matter for Low-Income Communities ● Why Voters Haven't Been Buying the Case for Building ● Millennials and the Affordability Crisis: A Review of Generation Priced Out ● CLTs in the Age of Climate Change ● Taking Health Care Investments in Housing to the Next Level ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events +
Astrid Andre, New York Law School
While estate planning may seem to be a tool of the wealthy, it can actually be used in low-income communities to combat the widening racial wealth gap. This can be done in several ways... Read Full Article
Amanda Abrams, Shelterforce Health Fellow
Efforts by health care providers and payers to address the social determinants of health have largely been piecemeal. But several organizations are working to coordinate these investments in ways that will allow... Read Full Article
Rick Jacobus, Street Level Urban Impact Advisors
It’s not because they’re stupid. Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
This week: Green New Deal | Celebrities Build Affordable Homes—Sometimes | Rent Control | School Funding and Race | Dollar Store Proliferation | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors
Hortense Leon, Freelance Reporter
With the intensification of weather patterns resulting from climate change, community land trusts are taking on new roles and performing vital... Read Full Article
Reviewed by Steve Early, Journalist and Author
According to Randy Shaw, author of Generation Priced Out, skyrocketing prices for all housing has created a generational divide, causing major political implications for... Read Full Article
Wednesday, April 3, 3 p.m EST | Partners against Displacement: Community Land Trusts and Community Development | In this webinar, tied to LISC Research and Evaluation’s recent white paper on the topic, panelists from the Banana Kelly Community Improvement Association, the City of Lakes Community Land Trust, and the New Economy Project will reflect on ways that partnerships between the community development and community land trust sectors can help CLTs reach greater, and more sustainable, scale. Learn more and register here.
The BUILD Health Challenge will support up to 17 innovative U.S. collaboratives that include a community-based organization, hospital or health system and a public health department working together to address upstream challenges and drive sustainable improvements in community health. Each award includes up to $250,000 in funding over 2½ years, coaching and support services, training and capacity building, and more. Deadline is April 5, 2019, details here.
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You Said It!
Michael G: There is no housing shortage in California. Housing is expensive in desirable places where people make a lot of money because the people with a lot money out-bid the people with less money who commute from further out. They in turn outbid those with... Read More

Lala Blood: Maybe voters don’t believe in supply and demand because they’ve been told for the last 20 years that adding 7.5 million people to the state’s population doesn’t cause school crowding, doesn’t mean there’s more competition for jobs, and doesn’t cause rents to rise. So if all these things are true, then... Read More

Drew Dresman: I love this. Thank you for working to fuse the politically feasible with the economically justifiable. I see a corollary in carbon pricing which has widespread economist support, but thus far seems to lack political traction due to concerns about fairness. My hope is... Read More

guy #2: What exactly does it “luxury housing” mean? Here it sounds like you mean anything expensive, but in the Bay Area where I live most new apartments are expensive because they’re new and there’s a housing shortage. There’s nothing about the way they’re designed that should make them as expensive as they are. The same apartment in Texas would... Read More

Michael Lewyn: The article left me with the impression that many housing activists often behave immaturely, dividing the world into “100 percent allies” and “enemies.” We all need to realize that... Read More

Chris: Beyond all that, my broader concern about painting YIMBYs as generally unconcerned—or at least only recently concerned—with anti-displacement and tenants rights, is that I’m not convinced that they were designed to overlap. What I mean is... Read More
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