ART Gallery Update

The April 1st, 2019 ART Gallery Update includes the following update to the ART Gallery available as of 04/01/2019:
  • 0704 - Number of Persons First Time Homeless - Metric 5 - v5 -  This report has been updated to include the requirement that the "Client Location" matches the providers CoC Code. The CoC Code prompt is now a required prompt in the report. We added an extra alerter to Tab B; "Possible Household Error Only"; this will show groups without a head of household, clients without a completed Relationship to Head of Household and single clients that are not marked as head of household.

This completes the updates for the 0700 series aka System Performance Measures (SPM) reports. The last report is the "0640 - HUD Data Quality Framework Report". We currently expect to release the revised 0640 report in mid to late April. As we get closer to the exact release date we will send out another update announcement. We will also send out another announcement once it is available in the ART Gallery.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.