Community Services Product Update

Community Services Update
We would like to provide you with the below Community Services (formerly ServicePoint) Updates:
  1. We are continuing work on changes for the LSA export. At this time it appears that these changes will require a change to the back-end of ServicePoint and will not require an upgrade of ServicePoint. A list of currently known issues for HUD Sample Code will be distributed to customers. We will send out an announcement when we are ready to apply the changes and when so you can determine if your export was performed before or after the changes.
  2. Version 5.12.68 will include the new password reset feature only and we currently expect it to be released around May 1st, 2019. We will send out training materials for you and your end-users to prepare for this new functionality. You can use the "0121 - User Contact Information" ART Gallery report to review email address information for your current users.
  3. Version 5.12.69 will include the below changes and we currently expect it to be released on June 1st, 2019:
    1. Change to CoC APR to allow for it to be run CoC-wide or for large reporting groups.
    2. Updates to the PATH report.
    3. A fix to row 10 of Question 22c on the CoC APR.
    4. Change to PIT counts in CoC APR when it is run for more than a year. For example, if you run it for two years then it will use the latest PIT date for each PIT date reported on the CoC APR.
Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.