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Injecting Racial Equity into a St. Louis Election

Week of Monday, April 29
In This Issue: Rent Control Is at a Turning Point ● Helping At-Risk Homeowners Stay Put With a Land Trust ● Injecting Racial Equity into a St. Louis Election ● Let’s Get Explicit: Social Justice in Asset Based Community Development ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events +
Jenny Connelly-Bowen, Community Builders Network of Metro St. Louis; David Dwight, Forward Through Ferguson; Nancy Cambria and Michelle Witthaus, Health Equity Works
Ten St. Louis organizations worked together to pin down mayoral candidates on concrete questions about racial equity—but first they had come to consensus on what issues to focus on . . .  Read Full Article
Amanda Abrams, Shelterforce
For some homeowners at risk of losing their home due to a medical crisis, divorce, or unexpected repair costs, City of Lakes Community Land Trust has been able to keep them in place by bringing their home into the land trust. How does it work, and can it be replicated? Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
This week: Gentrification Tales | Sexual Health in Rural Places | Housing Policy | Opportunity Zones Update | Union Strike | Hoarding Resources | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors
Oksana Mironova, Writer and Researcher
Advocates around the country now have current data on how rent control expansion would impact low-income, cost-burdened renters. Read Full Article
Ron Dwyer-Voss and Indigo Bishop, DePaul University
Asset Based Community Development is more compatible with a social justice agenda than traditional community development and community organizing. Here are four ABCD practices that support social justice frameworks. Read Full Article
Wednesday, May 8, 2 p.m. ET | Myth Busters: Economics of Inclusionary Housing | Join Grounded Solutions Network in their webinar as they discuss how real estate economics are affected by inclusionary housing policies. Participants will be presented with the latest research on the economics of inclusionary housing and will have the chance to learn more from policy makers themselves. Learn more and register here.
The Center for Community Progress has issued a call for artists, arts organizations, design agencies, or similar entities in the Atlanta region to develop an interactive, temporary indoor arts and placemaking installation as part of the 2019 Reclaiming Properties Conference. Learn more and apply here.
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Dani Aiello: Exactly the perspective I was looking for and of course it’s in @Shelterforce ❤️ Via Twitter

Ellen Shepard: The field of economic development is woefully devoid of proof points and common metrics. Of all of the areas of community development work, economic development seems to be the most likely to done on a deal-by-deal basis, with little strategy, and geared towards... Read More

Herp Derp: “We find that rent control increased the probability a renter stayed at their address by close to 20 percent.” Well of course somebody who is fortunate enough to have a rent controlled apartment is going to stay there. Rent controlled tenants are paying below market prices on rent, why would they leave. “Rent stability” as it is called is not desirable. What is desirable is... Read More

Joyce Smith: I share your concern C. Jackson. I am also dismayed by the poor lack of representation in this field. Read More
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Executive Director The Board of Directors of South Park Inn seeks a dynamic professional with a collaborative leadership style, excellent communication skills and the passion and competence for engaged leadership both internally and with partners in the wider Hartford system of homeless services. The board seeks... Read Full Listing
Executive Director The Affordable Housing Alliance of Central Ohio is hiring its first full-time Executive Director. The Alliance was formed in 2015 to advocate for new local resources to address the crisis of 54,000 Franklin County, Ohio, households in or near poverty paying more than half of their income for... Read Full Listing
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