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Our Affordable Housing Financing Is Hot Market–Centric

Tuesday, April 2nd, 2019
In This Issue: Organizing for Water Security in Detroit ● Fearing Privatization: Public Housing Activists Push Back Against RAD Plans ● The Connection Between Water, Justice, and Health ● Our Affordable Housing Financing Is Hot Market–Centric ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events +
Carey Shea, Home by Hand Inc.
Why are we so ill-equipped to build or rehab modest, single-family housing in middle- and weak-market neighborhoods? Read Full Article
Amanda Abrams, Shelterforce Health Desk
Our talk with Radhika Fox, the CEO of the US Water Alliance, about water justice and ways to build stronger communities. Read Full Article
Drew Astolfi, Community Change
Detroit's water system could have two futures, a hopeful one or a dystopian one.
Shelterforce Staff
This week: Oregon to Do Away With Single-Family Zoning? | NY Pushes Source of Income Protection | Mixed-Income Development in London Segregates Play | Housing Is on Candidates Minds And More Quick Takes From Our Editors
Tanner Howard, Freelance Writer
As their city rapidly gentrifies, a group of public housing residents are anxious about potential RAD and Section 18 conversions and battling the public housing authority to resist them. Read More
Thursday, April 4, 2 p.m EST | On-Campus Food Pantries: Why and How Webinar | Learn how four organizations worked together to launch and then expand on-campus food pantries to address the food security needs of college students in California’s Contra Costa County. Los Medanos College and California State University East Bay – Concord worked with the nonprofit Food Bank of Contra Costa and Solano to establish food distribution programs. Learn what it took to launch this effort, lessons learned to date, how it affects student health and success, and plans for next steps. Webinar presented by the Root Cause Coalition. Info and registration here.

Wednesday, April 10, 2 p.m EST | How to Make Ownership Funding Stretch Further | In this Lexington CLT and Grounded Solutions Network webinar, attendees will learn the nuance of different affordable homeownership structures, the purposes they serve, and how they can be utilized to maximize the public investment. Learn more and register here.
The National Leased Housing Association (NLHA) Education Fund is seeking applications for its scholarship program. The NLHA Education Fund was formed in 2007 to provide educational assistance to residents of federally assisted rental housing. All applicants must apply electronically through NLHA’s website or directly here. Applications are due by April 20, 2019.

Transportation for America has announced the Arts, Culture, and Transportation Fellowship, a new opportunity for professionals to increase their knowledge of the transportation planning and design process, and develop creative placemaking skills to better integrate artistic and cultural practices in transportation projects. Learn more here
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You Said It!
Chris: It’s not often I hear a case against LIHTC development from a housing expert, but I’m intrigued. Yet, I think that, like the rest of your argument, your mileage may vary. In more rapidly growing (but still relatively affordable) cities like San Antonio, LIHTC units can come online and house families living in substandard housing or who have been doubled-up, etc., and not cannibalize existing stock. Similarly… Read More

Barbara Samuels: From the perspective of Baltimore, this article is on the mark. Allan Mallach deserves thanks for being one of the few “urbanists” who has consistently seen beyond the superstar cities to the Rust Belt, and cautioned that national policy based on the superstar city narratives are a poor fit for most of the country. I would just add that a reformulation of… Read More

Audrey Bee: I live in St. Louis. Your insights about the rental market are spot on. Rents for basic two bedroom apartments in desirable “gentrifying” neighborhoods aren’t significantly higher than crime-ridden, declining neighborhoods. Example… Read More

Ryan Young: This is the one. The best affordability take that's not drenched in middle-class #yuppie privilege. Via Twitter

Anne Mannix: I live in a midwestern city similar to St. Louis. You argument is correct that LIHTC units are not always affordable. I disagree with your argument about rental assistance being the solution to the problem. There is still a supply side issue, even for tenants with vouchers. Tenants often rent places that barely meet the minimum Housing Quality Standards if they can find anything at all. In some cases, I wonder how… Read More

Paul Conte: ON THE PA: “All YIMBYs, please report to the principal’s office to be scheduled for ‘Remedial Econ 101.’ Apparently you were not paying attention. It is not ‘Advanced Economics’ that there are many, many factors besides the simple principle of ‘supply-and-demand.’ Also, we have some folks here who would like to speak with you about… Read More

Fernando Centeno: The affordability of anything is related to its scarcity. Since all politicians, urban planners & the commercial real estate industry facilitate and subsidize their economic growrh/built environment agenda in the race to become a metroplex, they bear responsibility for the upward price pressures on low-moderate income people… Read More

Cliff Mayo: “Why would you open a village without criteria for its inhabitants?” Because denying people is going to keep them homeless. It’s really that simple. Read More
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