RHY Update

RHY Spring 2019 Upload Announced
The RHY upload for grantees into RHYPoint will take place from Monday, April 22nd through Friday, May 10th.

Export data from Community Services (ServicePoint) with the following parameters:
  • Date Range is 10/1/2018 - 3/31/2019
  • Use either HUD or RHY Entry Exit type based upon your workflow
  • Export and upload each project type to RhyPoint separately

What do your grantees need to know?
  • Use the 0263 RHY Data Quality Report in the ART Gallery to review their data before exporting.
  • Do not edit the CSV files manually, as it can cause errors in the submission.
  • All RhyPoint related questions should go through the RHYMIS Service Desk at http://www.rhymisservicedesk.net

If you have further questions please submit a case through the Customer Community.