Community Services and Qlik Sense Updates

Community Services and Qlik Sense Updates
Our team has been working diligently to improve your Community Services system, and we have a few exciting updates we'd like to share.
Password Reset Functionality
The Password Reset feature has been released and is now available. This new functionality that will allow end users to securely reset their password if forgotten or if they exceeded the maximum number of login attempts. This new feature will allow users to restore account access without intervention allowing administrators to focus on more critical tasks."
You can find more information on how this feature works, including what steps you can take to prepare for this new functionality in the "Libraries" section of the Customer Community.
Community Services Interoperability
The interoperability landscape is constantly evolving, and the need for a simple and effective way to exchange data between different systems using common protocols is more prevalent than ever. Over the last several months we've received many customer requests for enhanced data-exchange capabilities and collaborated with our customer community to examine a wide variety of interoperability use cases.
As a result, we are excited to announce that the Open Referral API will be our first officially supported API solution. This RESTful API will allow for easy exchange of resource data according to the Human Services Data Specification (HSDS). Our engineering team is currently working on developing this capability within Community Services. In the meantime, we have completed a specification document you can review to learn more about how to leverage this upcoming API. The document, called "Community Services Open Referral API Specification" is located in the "API" category of the "Libraries" within the Customer Community.
We are committed to supporting interoperability within Community Services,and will keep you updated on development progress and our strategy for expanded interoperability in the future.
For more information, please see our recent blog post.
ShelterPoint Update
We continue to work on the new and improved ShelterPoint module. We set out to create a modern, more intuitive, and user-friendly module, and with the help of our Focus Group and customer interviewing activities at CareForum last Fall, that mission will soon become a reality.
We are excited to announce that with the latest update to the demo site users are able to follow a guided workflow process to check a client in and out of a bed/unit using the core check-in/check-out processes from the main unit list. This workflow includes a step-by-step user interface for adding records during the check-in process for items such as ROIs, Incidents, Project Enrollments, Forms, and Services. This workflow supports checking in individual clients as well as groups of clients.
We are currently working on extended capabilities of the module, such as the Mass Check-out process, converting Referrals to Unit Stays, and Managing Reservations. We expect to complete this functionality within the next few sprints. Once these items are completed, we will shift our focus to Express Check-in, Printing ID cards, Printing the Unit List, and other finishing touches to the module.
If you have not already, we encourage you to log into our demo site to see our progress. If you need access to the demo site, please contact our Technical Support Team.
We will keep you periodically updated as we progress through the remainder of this module.
Updated Community Services Deployment Strategy
As a result of customer feedback, we will be taking a new tactical approach to deploying major functionality improvements to Community Services. The initial strategy involved creating all of the new functionality and improvements in Community Services 6, then subsequently requiring customers to upgrade to this new version. Moving forward, we will be making the enhancements previously planned for Community Services 6 available in your current version of Community Services using a "strangler" method. This will allow us to incrementally and gradually enhance and replace specific functional areas and modules over time.
There a several benefits to this deployment approach. This will allow you to take advantage of new and improved features as they become available as opposed to waiting for the entirety of Community Services 6 to be completed. Additionally, the incremental nature of these improvements will be much easier to prepare your community for. Finally, this deployment strategy eliminates the need for a complex upgrade and data migration process to move from version 5 to version 6.
We hope this new approach will make taking advantage of planned product improvements more manageable and allow us to deliver incremental product enhancements sooner than originally anticipated.
Qlik Sense Update
Our Qlik Sense Developers have been working on several projects that will release soon:
  • Continuation of the coding and testing for the remaining portions of the security and visibility model.  Once complete, all users with ART Ad hoc and Viewer licenses will have Qlik Sense licenses for Premier and Basic users. 
  • Correction of joins between Provider and Entry Exit Tables
  • Additional AIRS and Community Point fields
  • Our Report Developers have been diligently recreating ART Gallery Reports into Qlik Sense Library Reports.  At present, 5 reports are in the review/QA process and development on 6 other reports is underway:
    • Project Descriptor Elements Data Quality
    • Project Demographics
    • SSOM Client Achievement Report
    • Call Volume
    • Timeliness 
We anticipate another Qlik Sense version upgrade over the next two months.
HUD Updates
WellSky continues to work through HUD compliance regulations and updates:
  • A new version of the PATH Report to be released June 1, 2019. 
  • The HUD Data Dictionary released with new CSV specs - implementation for 10/1/2019.
  • A fresh round of LSA changes are in progress and will be released shortly. 
WellSky will provide additional information through updated notifications.
Product Roadmap Update
You can find our current Community Services Product Roadmap in the "Libraries" area of the Customer Community. This new Product Roadmap uses a two quarter "rolling" methodology. This approach allows us to consistently remain focused on completing the next two quarters worth of work, while maintaining a prioritized list of roadmap items extending beyond the current two quarters. Focusing on two quarters at a time will also allow us to remain agile and adjust the extended roadmap in response to constantly evolving customer and market needs.
We will routinely publish an updated Product Roadmap on a quarterly basis. We hope this new approach to roadmapping will give you a clearer picture of our near-term engineering activities as well as insight into our long-term priorities.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to your WellSky account manager with any questions or concerns. If you do not know your account manager, please contact our Director of Account Management, Nathan Wright (, for an introduction. We look forward to receiving your feedback.