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Is Austin About to Make Affordable Housing Easier to Build?

Week of Monday, May 6
In This Issue: Making Opportunity Zones Work ● Don't Let CFPB Off the Hook with HMDA Data ● Is Austin About to Make it Easier for Affordable Housing to Get Built? ● Q: Does Airbnb Cause Rents to Increase? ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events +
Chris Brown and Chris Schildt, PolicyLink
Here are some guidelines that local leaders and policymakers can follow to help ensure that Opportunity Zone projects benefit who they intended. Read Full Article
Josh Silver, NCRC
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's reassurances on continued public access to Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data are not very reassuring. Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
A: Yes! Since hosts can make 50 to 200 percent more on short-term rentals than on long-term rentals, Airbnb affects... View Full Infographic
Greg Anderson, Austin Habitat for Humanity
If this proposal passes, Austin will make it much easier for developers to build affordable housing by… Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
This week: Boulder Expands Equity and Its Hiring Pool | Is Help for "Three-Quarter" Housing a Problem? | Public Housing's Impact on Diversity | Where the Rural Populations Are Growing | Poverty's Effect on Mental Well-Being | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors
Industry News
Luke Forrest has become the new executive director of Community Economic Development Association of Michigan (CEDAM). Forrest was previously the director of civic innovations at the Michigan Municipal League. He officially joined CEDAM in April.
Peggy Bailey will become vice president of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on June 1. Prior to joining the center in 2016, Bailey served as director of health systems integration for the Corporation for Support Housing. Bailey is preceded by Barbara Sard.
Kimberly Latimer-Nelligan has become president of the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF). Latimer-Nelligan joined LIIF in 2008 and previously served as its chief operating officer and executive vice president of Community Investment Programs.
The organization Make Room has announced that it will cease operations and transfer its assets to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, which will be taking over its work. This transfer will occur on May 9.
Resources from the Hass Institute's Othering & Belonging Conference 2019 are now available, including livestreams of many of the mainstage keynote discussions and breakouts discussions, curriculum, and presentation slides. Learn more here.

The National Housing Conference has released its 2018 edition of "Paycheck to Paycheck," an interactive online tool that allows users to research and compare rental and homeownership affordability challenges of workers nationwide. The accompanying report also highlights affordability challenges workers face in five job categories in the construction industry. Learn more here.
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You Said It!
Slav: Unfortunately the lack of jobs is what will continue to haunt the Slavic village. As much as I would like to see the Slavic village comeback it will never happen. Using public money to fund housing will not work. If you look at all of Broadway housings homes that were renovated and flipped over the last 25 years a majority if not all have been foreclosed, abandoned and or... Read More

Michael G: The polemical tone of the authors – “greed”, “rent gouging”, etc., – takes away from their credibility. If the tenants under rent control are benefiting by $7B then the landlords are not getting that $7B. That will affect their incentives to maintain rental units as rental units as prices rise and the opportunity cost of keeping them as rental units becomes greater and greater. It gets even worse if... Read More

Michael G: Very good article. What it portrays (intentionally or not) is the confusion between those who want lower rents/costs and (mistakenly) think that if more housing is built it will lower rent (YIMBYs) and those trying to help people who cannot afford housing that exists or is being built. That they have anything to talk about at all is pretty amazing. I would agree that... Read More

Lou Tisler: Another solution to add to the tool box ... Via Twitter
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Director of Real Estate Development Home City Development Inc. seeks a strong, experienced, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial real estate professional to manage a large pipeline of on-going and potential real estate projects in Western Massachusetts. We are a mission-based, non-profit dedicated to building better neighborhoods in... Read Full Listing
Executive Director The Board of Directors of South Park Inn seeks a dynamic professional with a collaborative leadership style, excellent communication skills and the passion and competence for engaged leadership both internally and with partners in the wider Hartford system of homeless services. The board seeks... Read Full Listing
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