TIP SHEET: The future of artificial intelligence in human services

TIP SHEET: The future of artifical intelligence in human services

The use of artificial intelligence is growing rapidly. Here's what it could mean for you. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers significant potential in business process automation, decision making, and research to drive cost savings for state health care systems and care providers. The possibilities are intriguing — but is it real or simply a perception fueled by too many science fiction movies?
This WellSky tip sheet examines some of the most promising uses of AI, from wearables and home assistants to game-playing robots. Discover how you may soon be able to leverage this technology to address some of the most pressing issues affecting your consumers:
  • Solve the caregiver shortage;
  • Help seniors with dementia maintain mental clarity;
  • Make self-directed care easier for clients.
This timely resource also identifies challenges to be solved, including unintended bias based on race, culture, gender, and age, and the need for transparency to gain public trust. Find out how AI can improve quality, lower costs, and achieve better outcomes for all. Download your free tip sheet now.