Will Closing Liquor Stores Reduce Violent Crime in Baltimore?

Week of Monday, May 20
In This Issue: ● Can Using a Racial Equity Lens Increase Capital in Communities of Color? ● How to Have Conversations About Homelessness ● Closing Liquor Stores, Hoping to Gain Public Health ● The Uncertain Flood Zone ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events +
Joel Scata, Natural Resources Defense Council
Millions of families live in homes that are susceptible to flooding, though they might not know it because FEMA isn't providing accurate flood maps and more access to data to increase resilience. That's because…
Amanda Abrams, Shelterforce Health Fellow
A new zoning code in Baltimore will reduce the number of liquor stores in the city in hopes of reducing the violent crime rate. Will there be unintended consequences? Read Full Article
Joe Neri, IFF
If CDFIs adopt the standard of using appraisals to determine our loan amounts, we would make very few loans in the communities we were founded to serve. Read Full Article
Korrin L. Bishop, Abt Associates
Conversations about homelessness with those outside the field's bubble can be exhausting, but there are several strategies and techniques that can help steer the conversation in a productive way. Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
This week: Facial Recognition Tech and Communities | The Trauma Effects of Hurricane Maria on Children in Puerto Rico | Childcare at Council Meetings | A New Health Care Partnership | Rural America | A Blow to Gig Economy Workers | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors

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Industry News
Jackson S. Brossy has become the new executive director of the Native CDFI Network. Previously, Brossy served as head of federal relations for the Navajo Nation government. He also worked for the National Congress of American Indians, specializing in economic development policy. Brossy is preceded by Tanya Fiddler.
Alan Jenkins will be stepping down as president of The Opportunity Agenda at the end of June. He will teach law, communication, and social justice as a Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School, as well as pursue fiction and non-fiction writing. Jenkins leaves The Opportunity Agenda after 13 years as president and co-founder.
Wednesday, June 5, 2 p.m. ET | Addressing Transportation to Improve Community Health Webinar | Hear about the St. Louis Flourish program and the Baltimore City Rideshare program. Presented by All In: Data for Community Health. Learn more and register here.
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Clara Keefe Coleman: This is a fascinating article — thanks for the information and the good work of ULI! Read More

Brandon Born: Michael, it's not that complicated for growing areas. Let me give a Seattle example. Almost all new housing is built for our rapidly growing population. These new people make significantly more (see: tech sector) than the people who live(d) in the city. So developers build for the high end of the market. Given that there isn't enough housing already and... Read More

Jeff Levin: If demand is increasing, then new supply doesn't necessarily reduce prices, supply has to increase faster than demand. New supply might moderate the rate of increase in rents, but that's not going to solve the problems of millions of... Read More

Drew Curtis: New housing supply alone does not reduce rents; it needs to be new housing supply for all incomes and not just new housing supply at market rates, which is typically what is... Read More

Jeff Levin: It is indeed useful to be reminded that homeowners build wealth in more than one way. There is the appreciation of home values, with all the drawbacks that have been noted in the article. But even in the absence of substantial appreciation, there is still significant wealth accumulation over time as the principal balance of the mortgage is paid down. Ideally... Read More
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Senior and Junior Policy Analysts The Inclusivity Institute is seeking qualified applicants for two positions: Senior Policy Analyst and Junior Policy Analyst.  The Institute is a new non-profit organization based in Carmel, Indiana, with nationwide connections and expertise. The Institute seeks to promote economic and racial integration and to... Read Full Listing
Director of Real Estate The Memphis Medical District Collaborative (MMDC) is seeking a senior level position to join our team and manage and grow our real estate portfolio. MMDC seeks applicants who have an understanding and history of developing, difficult, small to mid-sized real estate projects in existing urban contexts. Read Full Listing
Executive Director Norris Square Community Alliance (NSCA) is seeking a seasoned, dynamic, executive director with experience in housing and community development to lead the organization recognized as one of the leading community-based development corporations in Philadelphia. The mission of NSCA is to... Read Full Listing
Director of Real Estate Development Home City Development Inc. seeks a strong, experienced, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial real estate professional to manage a large pipeline of on-going and potential real estate projects in Western Massachusetts. We are a mission-based, non-profit dedicated to building better neighborhoods in... Read Full Listing
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