Ensure grant compliance with the Eligibility module

Executive Summary: WellSky Eligibility

Ensure grant compliance with WellSky's Eligibility module

Many of your grants may include strict eligibility criteria. If someone receives services with those funds, but didn't meet the criteria, your grant could be at risk.
WellSky Eligibility module ensures compliance by determining eligibility before a referral is made. This module, which works inside WellSky Community Services (ServicePoint), guides thorough client interviews, finds qualifying programs, and generates referrals immediately.
The module is simple to set up and easy to use.
  • Ask the qualifying questions displayed on the screen;
  • Choose from the programs your client qualifies to enter;
  • Generate the referral from the same screen.
The Eligibility module references the data already in your Community Services system, so it's fast, accurate, and up-to-date. You not only protect your grant status, you also ensure people in need receive the best possible referrals. To find out more, download this free Executive Summary. Or call today: 855-935-5759 ext. 3