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Teams Complete Indiana Institute

Six supportive housing development teams from across the Hoosier state completed the 10th Annual Indiana Supportive Housing Institute held by CSH and the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority (IHCDA). The teams presented their plans to develop supportive housing in South Bend, Evansville, Plainfield, and Indianapolis. "The Institute produces local, community-based teams to advance the development of supportive housing," said Lori Phillips Steele, CSH Director in Indiana. "The ultimate winners are those in our state facing homelessness who, as a result of the intense training that propels our teams forward, will find a home and support services keeping them housed, healthy and moving toward better lives."

AARP Supports Healthy Aging

Last year, AARP Foundation awarded a $300,000 grant to CSH to help meet the needs of low-income adults age 50 and older who are no longer homeless and now living in supportive housing. CSH is using the AARP Foundation investment to train supportive housing providers in several states on the best practices for addressing the unique services requirements associated with aging, formerly homeless individuals. This includes anticipating and responding to both physical space and special program design needs. "The generosity of AARP Foundation will allow us to expand the quality of supportive housing for older adults, and that is critically important since we know it works to improve their lives and helps them thrive," said CSH President and CEO Deborah De Santis.

Chicago Text to Connect

City of Chicago and community leaders today unveiled "Text to Connect to End Homelessness" (773-786-9916), a texting platform designed to help more people experiencing homelessness find pathways to housing and services. Those experiencing homelessness as well as people who want to help them can use this new feature, which also will aid policymakers planning for long-term solutions to end homelessness. "Working to ensure every Chicagoan has a roof over their head and the services they need to thrive is a shared responsibility, and the key to our city's economic success," said Chicago's Mayor Lori E. Lightfoot. "Partnerships like this one demonstrate the City and the community coming together to empower vulnerable Chicagoans experiencing homelessness and provide the needed range of quality housing options."

Medicaid & Supportive Housing in Montana

Recognizing the positive impacts supportive housing can have on health and well-being, housing stability and healthcare utilization, our new report, Montana Medicaid Supportive Housing Services Crosswalk, examines the extent to which supportive housing services align with existing benefits covered by Montana's Medicaid program. We focus on the numerous potential benefits that could be realized by providing supportive housing services to Montana's Medicaid beneficiaries currently identified as being homeless and in the top cost decile for Medicaid expenditures. Read more about the report, commissioned by the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services and the Montana Healthcare Foundation, by clicking here.

Pioneering Investment in Pittsburgh 

CSH's latest New Markets Tax Credit (NMTC) investment in Pittsburgh, PA is one step closer to construction. Pioneer Apartments will soon rise as a four-story building with affordable, supportive housing for local families and individuals and will be headquarters to Wesley Family Services, the nonprofit sponsoring the development. CSH's $6.7M NMTC award is funding the onsite services facility where residents and members of the community will have access to over 100 behavioral health and autism therapeutic professionals. You can continue reading about this project by clicking here.

CAMBA Gardens LEEDs 

CAMBA Gardens II supportive housing in Brooklyn, NY received the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED Homes Award in the Outstanding Affordable Project category for their energy efficient features like Energy Star appliances, low-flow plumbing features, and high-efficacy lighting. "CAMBA Gardens II continues to shine as an example of high-quality supportive housing," said CSH CEO Deborah De Santis. "CSH considers CAMBA Housing Venture's developments some of our best investments and their commitment to building sustainable and green homes that contribute to healthy communities where residents thrive is just one of the many reasons why we have helped finance their supportive housing."

CSH on Opportunity Zones

Thousands of communities with opportunity zones are embarking upon one of the most ambitious economic programs in years. Structured correctly, opportunity zone investments can direct billions dollars in private investment toward the kind of new development and infrastructure upgrades these communities so badly need, including the creation of affordable supportive housing. But implemented without forethought to potential consequences like gentrification could mean the opportunity zone initiative becomes a detriment to those Americans living in them with very low incomes or, worse, a cause of displacement that creates more housing instability. You can read our full statement by clicking here.

Billing Medicaid for Services

Learn about the current role of Medicaid in supportive housing and community integration in our two-part webinar series, Billing Medicaid for Supportive Housing Services. This opportunity to learn more about Medicaid offers an outline of general steps for billing Medicaid for services and includes a self-assessment for agencies interested in accessing those resources. This unique series also comes with CSH "Office Hours." After completing the two sessions, you will have direct access to our trainers through office hours where you can ask specific questions about your state or seek additional information. ​Click here for more details and to register.

Introduction to Fair Housing

Fair Housing is the right for all people to live wherever they choose, to have access to housing (seek, purchase, sell, lease or rent) and enjoy the full use of their homes without unlawful discrimination, interference, or intimidation. Join CSH for a live webinar on Fair Housing on July 18 at 3:00PM ET where we will define Fair Housing key concepts, describe practical applications of Fair Housing in Supportive Housing and identify significant regulations and laws that address Fair Housing. Click here for details on how to register.

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