LSA Export Update Completed

LSA Export Update Completed
The changes to the LSA export are now available in Community Services (ServicePoint). This change occurred at approximately 10:58 AM (CDT) on Monday, June 10 th, 2019.

We have adjusted the sample code for the following sections:
  • 4.21 HoH identifiers for LSAPerson
  • 4.46 Set SystemPath for Exit Cohort HH
  • 4.8 and 4.70 RelationshipToHoH DQ
  • 4.50-4.51 Include SystemPath 8 & 9 in LOTH averages
  • 4.8 MoveInDate for Household Members
  • 4.35 Get Other Dates from 3.917
  • 4.36 Include Other3917Days prior to LastInactive in TotalHomelessDays
  • 4.69 Unduplicated count of adults in report period
  • 4.59-4.64 ProjectType/TrackingMethod criteria
  • 4.27 Exclude MoveInDates after ReportEnd (irrelevant)
  • 4.6 Get Geography records
  • (Throughout) Ensure DateDeleted is NULL
  • 4.24 Correct 'DateDeleted is NOT null' to 'IS NULL'
  • Correct TrackingMethod for Entry/Exit from 1 to 0
  • 4.70 Identifying Adults for 3 Year DQ
  • 4.8 fix WHERE clause
  • 4.63-4.64 data source for population age
  • 4.34 Get Dates of Other System Use
  • Resolved Issue with Time Stamps of Dynamic Answers
  • Resolved issue with Chronically Homeless calculation

Please note these sections of sample code do not directly line up with the Flag File Ids in the reports provided to CoCs by Abt.

Please go ahead and resume LSA exports and uploads to HDX.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.