LSA Export Update

LSA Export Update
Our development team continues to review Flag Files provided by customers and customer submitted issues. 

In yesterday's HUD Office Hours call, Abt made it clear to vendors that they do not expect vendors to resolve all Flag File errors marked as vendor issues before the submission deadline. We will continue to investigate and resolve as many issues as possible between now and the customer submission deadline.

We will send out announcements when we update the LSA export before the customer submission deadline.

As a reminder, if after receiving your new Flag File from Abt you have questions about specific rows, please provide us with the below information:
  1. A copy of the full Flag File attached to the case.
  2. In the Case Description, please note the specific ID or IDs from the Flag File that you would like reviewed.
  3. In the Case Description; if possible; please provide additional details about the ID Error/Warning.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.