LSA Export Update

LSA Export Update
Tomorrow; June 20th, 2019; we will release a final update to the LSA export code ahead of the June 24th Final Submission deadline.
This update will resolve a number of Error flags and Warnings including the following:
  • Issues related to Having 0 People In a Household
  • Issues related to Chronic Homeless counts for PH
  • Issues related to format of dates/times
Other items are in coding and we will provide more details as they are available.

Please note that we have identified a common data quality error that has appeared for multiple customers that is related to overlapping project stays.  The LSA handles data for these differently than the SPMs.  To resolve overlap errors, run the 0700 or 0700.1b reports and set the input controls to "Overlap".  This will allow end users to make data quality corrections to overlaps that are not accurate. 

Our team continues to work individually with Abt on outstanding flags.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.