LSA Export Update

LSA Export Update
We are currently waiting on an update to the LSA export code from Abt. Abt brought up the new sample code this morning during a meeting with them discussing potential vendor flags. Once we have the new code and tested it along with other changes we will then update the LSA export later today. We will send out an announcement later today with the time when we applied the changes to the LSA export.

In a previous announcement, we mentioned how overlapping transactions will cause a multiple of Flag Ids in the Flag Files that are also marked as vendor flags. Abt has notified vendors that vendors do not need to make code changes and that customers place a note for the below Flag Ids that they acknowledge the overlapping transactions and that Abt will work with customers to review them before next years submission. Abt also noted that if the overlaps are accurate then you simply need to acknowledge this in HDX.

Here is the list of affected Flag IDs:

The following ART Gallery reports can be useful in reviewing potential data quality issues:
  • 0227 - This report can be run for the full 3 year LSA period of 10/1/2015 - 09/30/2018 and this report has Input Controls to filter the program types on just providers included in the LSA export. This report can be useful for finding missing provider information or inventory information. The Bedlist tab of the report has an Input Control for the Inventory Id number which is listed in the Flag File for inventory errors.
  • 0640 - This report can also be run for the full 3 year LSA period and then you can use the detail tabs to review data quality issues by finding the appropriate tab and first turning off the "Last EE" Input Control by setting it to all values before you use the appropriate Input Control to find data quality issues.
  • 0700.1b - This report can be used to review overlapping episodes since it has an Input Control on the Detail tab that will specifically show overlapping records. Please note that it is possible to have valid overlapping transactions.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.