Resources To Prevent and End Veteran Homelessness

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Resources to prevent and end Veteran homelessness 

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The National Center on Homelessness among Veterans (the Center) was established in 2009 and authorized through federal legislation in 2016 to promote recovery-oriented care for Veterans who are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. The Center conducts and coordinates research, develops and tests outcome-based and innovative models and program designs, and offers education and training.
You can find a wealth of resources on the Center website and keep abreast of the latest research and training opportunities by subscribing here to updates and webinar opportunities that match your interests, including:
  • Annual Education Series Schedule (updated monthly): a list of the monthly education webinars hosted by the Center which includes upcoming events and archived links to past events.
  • Research Briefs (monthly): summaries of research and evaluation work conducted by Center affiliated researchers.
  • Connecting Research to Practice: a webinar that provides clinicians, program managers, and front-line staff the opportunity to discuss particular research studies and how findings might be considered in planning, developing, or implementing services for Veterans experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness.
  • Homeless Evidence and Research Synthesis (HERS) Roundtable Series: a virtual symposium that convenes peer researchers, subject matter experts, policy makers, and advocates to discuss research findings and develop evidence-based recommendations to inform policy and practice on key homeless issues.
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