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A For-Profit Develops Without Displacement

Week of Monday, July 1
In This Issue: Redlining and Mental Health ● Can You Have Revitalization Without Displacement? ● To Build Affordable and Green, Consider Passive Houses ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events +
John Moon, Habitat for Humanity
Is it worth increasing the cost of construction to provide low-income homeowners with a heating bill that’s less than $20 per month while consuming less energy than a hairdryer? Here’s how one organization grappled with the challenge. Read Full Article
Aubrey Byron, Strong Towns
Derek Avery has developed a way to invest in neighborhoods without displacing the people who live there. And not only that: when building in a neighborhood, his company doesn’t stop at housing. It also . . . Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
Manufactured Housing Affordability Under Threat | White House Sets Off on Another Deregulation Path | A Price Tag on Lost Black Wealth in Chicago | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors
Laura Choi, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
The effects of redlining are usually discussed in economic terms, but research into the discriminatory practice’s legacy on one city’s mental health offers some sobering data. Read Full Article
2019 State of the Nation’s Housing Report: This year's report from the Joint Center for Housing Studies documents, among many other things, how the housing shortfall is keeping pressure on home prices and rents, eroding affordability for modest-income households in many markets. Center researchers also found that household growth is now back from post-recession lows, but new home construction is barely keeping pace with the number of new households. To download and learn more, click here.
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You Said It!
Colleen: So in other words you don’t like tiny house villages because you bought a real tiny home first and it’s wayyyy nicer than those “tiny bedrooms” the homeless stay in. And you’re a real person with a real job, not an irresponsible homeless person. So really it’s about others’ perception of you. Read More

Rick Rybeck: A few communities have made progress in this regard by reducing the property tax rate applied to privately created building values while increasing the tax rate applied to publicly created land values. The lower rate applied to buildings makes them cheaper to construct, improve and maintain. Surprisingly, the higher rate applied to land value helps . . .  Read More

Kresge Foundation: Many communities are struggling with how to invest in ways that help curb greenhouse gas emissions without displacing residents. @Shelterforce offers guiding principles that can help cities and advocates prioritize solutions best suited to their context.  Via Twitter

Fernando Centeno: Here’s a worthy guiding principle: replace the conventional, “urban planning” model typical across America, where success is measured in business terms rather than socioeconomic ones. This old, narrow, limited approach, heavily subsidizing their built environment, metroplex agenda, leads to economic segregation and . . .  Read More
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Operations and Marketing Manager Shelterforce is looking for a dynamic individual to help run the organization, increase revenue, and increase awareness of Shelterforce. The successful candidate will be responsible for office operations, board management, finance, and various HR activities; increasing earned income from advertising, circulation, editorial services, and . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director The Boston Neighborhood Community Land Trust seeks an experienced, dynamic professional with a commitment to housing justice and a collaborative leadership style to expand efforts to create permanently affordable, community-controlled housing along the Fairmount Corridor in Roxbury, Dorchester, and . . . Read Full Listing
Development Manager ReBUILD Metro is seeking a Development Manager. The mission of ReBUILD Metro is to restore the history and prosperity of distressed neighborhoods by rebuilding homes and fostering enduring community relationships.The primary role of a Development Manager is to manage . . .Read Full Listing
Senior Manager Under general direction from the Chief Financial Officer, you will manage internal human resource related duties and to assess, manage and enhance NALCAB’s positive organizational culture. You will also oversee facilities management of NALCAB’s offices in San Antonio and Washington, DC. Read Full Listing
Director, Lending and Asset Management Under general direction from the Chief Program Officer, you will manage NALCAB’s lending and asset management activities, while working closely with program staff, Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Director to oversee NALCAB’s Community Development Financial Institution, Technical Assistance capacity building, NALCAB’s Department of Housing and . . . Read Full Listing
ForEveryoneHome Community Engagement Consultant The Grounded Solutions Network seeks community engagement consultants to support its “ForEveryoneHome” initiative in Indianapolis, Indiana, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and San Antonio, Texas. The initiative targets cities where rising prices and changing demographics place communities of color at risk of displacement. Working with . . . Read Full Listing
Director Office of Housing The City of Seattle is recruiting for a collaborative, innovative leader with a passion for creating affordable and inclusive communities to lead the Office of Housing (OH). As a visionary leader, the OH director will lead the Citys efforts to increase opportunities for people of all incomes to live in our city. The director must . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director The Ironbound Community Corporation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to engage and empower individuals, families, and groups in realizing their aspirations and, together, work to create a just, vibrant and sustainable community. ICC seeks both a dedicated and strong Executive Director and a servant leader, who will inspire and motivate staff and . . . Read Full Listing
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