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Affordable Housing is Hiding in Plain Sight

Week of Monday, July 29
In This Issue: HUD Finally Puts a Landlord on Notice ● Vouchers Approved for Housing After Foster Care ● Opinion: Affordable Housing is Hiding in Plain Sight ● Shelter Shorts ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events +
Paul Brophy, Brophy and Reilly LLC; Carey Shea, Home by Hand Inc.
Two former HUD secretaries recently wrote about the need for states and municipalities to increase production of affordable housing. While important, there are other housing affordability strategies that we must not forget, including . . . Read Full Article
Sandy Rollins, Texas Tenants Union
Landlords aren’t supposed to retaliate against their tenants, but organized residents who repeatedly make repair demands know those rules aren’t being followed. However, HUD finally issued its first-ever violation to a landlord for interfering with a residents’ right to organize. What’s needed now are . . . Read Full Article
John Kelly, The Chronicle of Social Change
How did a group of former foster youths and advocates convince top federal housing officials to support housing for people exiting foster care? Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
3 Million Households Taken Off of SNAP? | Social Workers and Libraries Go Together | Land Theft in the Black Community | Basic Income for Newark Residents | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors

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You Said It!
Amy Khare: We look forward to sharing more essays with you and others through Shelterforce. I definitely agree that mixed-income strategies fall within the market-based framework that most housing policies (LIHTC, Inclusionary Housing/Zoning, Vouchers) rely on, and thus are suspect to be implemented in ways that . . . Read More

Katrina Harold: Having a hard time with this as credit score is not predictive of renters’ ability to pay rents but also tends to be the same barriers renter’s face when trying to secure rental housing (higher security deposits, out-right denials). This is problematic because in some instances people’s credit went bad when they had to prioritize rent payment over credit card scores, etc. Including rental . . .  Read More

Alex Tabor: I completely agree about credit scores being a pressing obstacle for many trying to secure affordable rental housing, but is one’s credit score not, at least in significant part, a reflection of the individual’s historic ability to pay for expenses they incurred? I understand how prioritizing rent payments over credit card bills might hurt individuals by . . . Read More

Nerdletta Erdlettanay: Really?!?! Considering the fact that the majority of renters across the country are cost burdened, most living paycheck to paycheck how does adding rent and utility payments not make things even worse for folks who have to . . . Via Facebook

Brandon Brezic: Evictions already show up on background reports, and if they send you to collections it’s on your credit credit report... why not let the positive monthly recurring payments boost credit scores? Via Facebook
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Administrative and Communications Assistant
Shelterforce is looking for an administrative assistant. In addition to general office administrative activities (phones, office organization and maintenance), the assistant will also be responsible for maintaining computer equipment, job ad management, invoicing and banking, keeping tabs on circulation . . . Read Full Listing
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Executive Director Launched in 2011, The Essex Community Land Trust (ECLT) strengthens communities by providing permanently affordable housing and financial empowerment opportunities for low- to moderate-income individuals and working families throughout Essex County. ECLT is looking for an executive director to manage the day to day activities of the organization . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Vice President, Program Officer The chief program officer will play a central role in advancing this work by guiding the direction, growth and soundness of HOPE’s Commercial Lending (CL) and Community & Economic Development (CED) activities. HOPE’s Commercial Lending team separates itself from other lenders by employing strategies that make capital affordable and accessible to . . . Read Full Listing
Real Estate Specialist The real estate specialist will be an integral member of BCL of Texas Community Development Team and affiliate company, Texas Community Builders. We maintain a portfolio of real estate and community development projects throughout the state. Our products include small footprint homes, energy‐efficient modular housing, commercial real estate including . . . Read Full Listing
Counseling Supervisor The Baltimore Regional Housing Partnership seeks a Counseling Supervisor who supports BRHP’s mission and purpose and will provide effective supervision and guidance to counseling staff, along with excellent customer service to a diverse client population. This supervisor will ensure that counselors who focus on families that . . . Read Full Listing
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