Billing Medicaid: 2 Part Training + Office Hours

Billing Medicaid

Two-Part Series + Office Hours

What You Need to Know
Learn about the current role of Medicaid in supportive housing and community integration. For supportive housing providers, this two-part webinar series outlines general steps for billing Medicaid for services and includes a self-assessment for agencies interested in accessing those resources. 
Part 1, Medicaid 101, July 31, 2-3:30pm ET: Provides a high-level, historical overview of Medicaid while addressing the landscape of Medicaid reimbursement in light of health care policy and Medicaid Expansion. The session will touch on the current climate and upcoming changes proposed by the federal government.
Part 2, Becoming a Medicaid Billing Agency, August 7, 2-3:30pm ET: Helps supportive housing providers identify how to bill Medicaid. Includes an agency self-assessment to guide your exploration.
Office Hours, August 8, 1-2pm ET: After the course sessions are complete, you get access to our trainers through office hours where you can ask specific questions about your state or seek additional information.​
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