Close the loop on referrals

Executive Summary: WellSky Contact Center software

Close the loop on referrals to gain a complete view of your community's needs

If your agency provides information and referral (I&R) services over the phone, now you can close the loop on those referrals with WellSky's Contact Center module,
This module enhances your Community Services (ServicePoint) system with I&R features you won't find in generic call center systems. And when a provider using the system works with a referred client, the result of that encounter is recorded as well. By associating outcomes with referrals, your agency can identify effective providers, find unmet needs, and advocate for change in your community.
Bring the full power of your Community Services database to your call center, and equip your staff to:
  • Capture all details of every call
  • Determine the caller's need with a library of assessments
  • Make referrals throughout your network of providers
  • Track the status of every call and referral
  • Flag calls for follow-up
To get started, download this free Executive Summary. Or call today to learn more: 855-935-5759 ext. 3.