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Does Your Tenure Determine Your Housing Vulnerability?

Week of Monday, July 15
In This Issue: Housing Vulnerability Analysis: A Discussion ● What is the Next Generation of Mixed-Income Communities? ● Pushing Local Community Organizing Further ● Shelter Shorts ● Also: Jobs ● Shelter Shorts ● Events +
Melanie Breault, Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development
We can’t talk about local fights without basing them in an understanding of how and why groups are marginalized, and how, for example . . . Read Full Article
Amy T. Khare, Mark L. Joseph, Case Western Reserve University
There are mounting concerns that the mixed-income approach does more harm than good for low-income households of color. To allay those concerns, designers of the next generation of mixed-income communities will have to . . . Read Full Article
Shelterforce Staff
ICE in Your Building | San Francisco’s Next-Level Homelessness Crisis | Florida’s Poll Tax | And More Quick Takes From Our Editors
Alex Schafran, University of Leeds
A pilot study on housing vulnerability has identified over 50 different housing tenures, each with different degrees of legal protection, political and advocacy support, and with very different . . . Read Full Article
Wednesday, July 17, 3 p.m. ET | Navigating Community Development | Presented by the LISC Institute, this webinar will feature Bob Zdenek and Dee Walsh discussing their new book, Navigating Community Development. They will describe the evolution of the community development sector and offer a framework for how community development organizations can advance their mission through strategic partnerships. To learn more and register, click here.

Wednesday, July 24, 8 a.m. ET | 2019 Colorado Health Symposium: The Intersection of HousingHealth and Inequity | In this livestream from the Colorado Health Foundation, featured speakers and contributors will address how racism, lack of opportunity and discriminatory policies make safe and affordable housing unattainable. To learn more and register, click here.

Wednesday, July 31, 3 p.m. ET | Advancing Equitable Neighborhood Development Webinar Series: Tools for Identifying Vulnerability | The National Association for Latino Community Asset Builders will share data and mapping tools from the Guide to Equitable Neighborhood Development on how to analyze and anticipate real estate market activity in order to develop strategies and solutions for preventing displacement in changing neighborhoods. To learn more and register, click here.
We only list free events and resources of national interest. To learn about advertising, click here.

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You Said It!
Abbott Gorin: Bravo Mr. Mills for making the point that too often thinking “green” means coming up with solutions such as electric cars or going fully renewable (as was covered in a recent article going for passive energy on new homes will make affordable units less costly to produce than zero-emission emission homes). By looking to . . . Read More

Linda Subio: What a moving and insightful article. I thank you for writing it and doing the work related to the issues. I am a schizophrenic artist who is working on an exhibition including visual art, performance, and writing. It has . . .  Read More

Gbleuc: To sit there and have the gall to say that displacement doesn’t happen when neighborhoods are “flipped” is a slap in the face to the thousands of us who lived it. To regurgitate information from 1990 that was problematic in the first place and stand by and allow it to be applied to 2019 by mainstream media outlets without so much as correcting it publicly is frankly highly irresponsible. And to cling to . . . Read More
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Administrative and Communications Assistant
Shelterforce is looking for an administrative assistant. In addition to general office administrative activities (phones, office organization and maintenance), the assistant will also be responsible for maintaining computer equipment, job ad management, invoicing and banking, keeping tabs on circulation . . . Read Full Listing
Marketing and Operations Manager Shelterforce is looking for a dynamic person to help grow the organization. The successful candidate will be responsible for office operations, board management, finance, HR, and increasing earned income. The manager will work closely with the publisher, taking over completely some tasks and assisting on others . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director With enthusiastic support from Louisville’s largest foundations, leading philanthropists and the Mayor’s office, the Center For Neighborhoods is seeking a motivated, skilled Executive Director with experience in nonprofit administration and grassroots community planning and development. We are seeking someone to . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director The Boston Neighborhood Community Land Trust seeks an experienced, dynamic professional with a commitment to housing justice and a collaborative leadership style to expand efforts to create permanently affordable, community-controlled housing along the Fairmount Corridor in Roxbury, Dorchester, and . . . Read Full Listing
Development Manager ReBUILD Metro is seeking a Development Manager. The mission of ReBUILD Metro is to restore the history and prosperity of distressed neighborhoods by rebuilding homes and fostering enduring community relationships. The primary role of a Development Manager is to manage . . .Read Full Listing
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Director, Lending and Asset Management Under general direction from the Chief Program Officer, you will manage NALCAB’s lending and asset management activities, while working closely with program staff, Chief Financial Officer and the Executive Director to oversee NALCAB’s Community Development Financial Institution, Technical Assistance capacity building, NALCAB’s Department of Housing and . . . Read Full Listing
ForEveryoneHome Community Engagement Consultant The Grounded Solutions Network seeks community engagement consultants to support its “ForEveryoneHome” initiative in Indianapolis, Indiana, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and San Antonio, Texas. The initiative targets cities where rising prices and changing demographics place communities of color at risk of displacement. Working with . . . Read Full Listing
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