TIP SHEET: The 5 stages of your agency's data maturity

WellSky's hierarchy of human services data needs

Use this 5-step blueprint to move your agency toward data maturity
With all the buzz around technologies like artificial intelligence and predictive analytics, it can be intimidating for an organization on a limited budget to plan a strategy for data enhancement. Our product director, Keith Ewell has worked with agencies across the country on data challenges for years. His experience has led him to develop "WellSky's hierarchy of human services data needs" to help organizations assess their data maturity and identify potential next steps.

Level 1: Descriptive statistics — tell you what happened
Level 2: Management reports — monitor day-to-day operations
Level 3: Performance metrics — measure whether programs achieve their goals
Level 4: Outcomes data — track the impact on your community
Level 5: Predictive analytics  project trends before they happen
This simple model can help you cast a vision for a mature, data-driven organization with everyone on your team, from technicians to social workers.  Download this free resource now!