Bring new health care services to your clients

Executive Summary: Billing Manager

Bring essential health care services to your clients with the Billing Manager module

Expand the health care services you offer your community, with the Billing Manager module for your WellSky Community Services software. It easily generates the 837 and 835 forms required to bill Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance companies. Plus, you gain validation tools that reduce the denied claims that often come with medical billing. 
WellSky is one of the nation's leading developers of health care software. Now that experience helps you connect more effectively with the health care system:
  • Submit claims via the Claim MD clearinghouse
  • Reconcile payments and claims automatically
  • Reduce denials with claim scrubbing technology
Billing Manager simplifies all the complex steps of medical billing. Services you provide are recorded in your software just like any other service transaction. The module then generates a properly formatted claim and sends it for processing. Find out how this powerful module can help you add new funding sources to your community programs. Download all the details now.