Don't think you have enough to make a difference?

Do you know that the average monthly income for a Fuel Fund of Maryland client averages at $1,125? Yet a client's unpaid utility bill averages at $1,100?

Each month, our neighbors are filled with dread as they must choose one of these options to contribute towards on their limited income:


Paying their utility balances
Paying for their groceries
Paying for their medication
Paying an emergency bill  

Our work here at the Fuel Fund is to alleviate the heavy burdens our neighbors face. By participating in our Dollar Donation Fund support program, you join a group of over 5,000 donors who are committed to providing support for a Fuel Fund of Maryland client 24/7/365

Our Dollar Donation Fund allows you to contribute a selected $ amount of your choice directly to the Fuel Fund of Maryland each month. Select either $1, $2, $5, $10, or $20 a month and BGE will add your chosen amount to your monthly bill. And when you pay your bill in full, BGE will forward your contribution to the Fuel Fund of Maryland!