Notes From the Desk of Industry Compliance

Notes From the Desk of Industry Compliance
As you know, late summer and fall of this year will be busy times for customers and for all of us at WellSky.  I wanted to provide some brief updates as to what is coming over the next few months in terms of both Community Services and Qlik Sense.  Links to the most updated versions of documents as of 8/27/19 are provided below.

2020 HUD Data Standards Updates

The engineering team is busily working on the 2020 Data Dictionary updates to your Community Services (ServicePoint) software.  We will code and make available for release in 5.13x all the required changes.  Some of the changes you'll see are as follows:

  • Updated 2020 HUD and Federal Partner Assessments
  • Updated picklists for several fields
  • Mapping related to changes to several fields
  • New Coordinated Entry data elements
    • These new elements may require custom programming.  You'll find this necessary if your coordinated entry process has been recorded outside of HMIS or if you want some of your custom fields mapped into new fields that are being created.
    • More details about layout and workflows will release soon.

Training materials will be available starting September 3, 2019.


  • Please do NOT create questions or modify picklists on your own ahead of time.  This will create issues for you moving forward as we will create all required questions and add to picklists accordingly.  These WellSky created changes are only changes that will be used in our federal partner reporting changes.
  • Please DO reach out to our Sales team if you think you'll need assistance with a customer mapping project for your Coordinated Entry data that is housed in a source outside of Community Services (ServicePoint).
  • Please DO visit the Customer Community Library to download the 2019 BootCamp presentation for more specifics on the Data Standards changes.

2019 CoC APR/CAPER Revisions

Changes to these reports to update to the FY2020 HUD Data Standards will be available with the 5.13 upgrade.  Grantees will need to upload the 2019 CoC APR/CAPER in Sage beginning October 1, 2019. 

CSV 1.4 Revisions

Changes to the current CSV version will be completed and automatically deployed to customers with the 5.13 version of Community Services (ServicePoint).


An updated PATH report will be available this week on your sites.  We will add some code via hot fix that corrects for the PDX error regarding Medicaid and Other insurance.  A news update will go out once this has been applied.

RHY Fall Submission

The RHY submission will take place in November 2019.  Grantees are encouraged to start the data clean up process now using the 0263 RHY Data Completeness report in ART.  More details about the submission period will follow soon.

System Performance Reports and Data Quality Framework

HUD will provide vendors with updated SPM/DQF specifications this fall.  Release of these reports will occur according to the timelines given by HUD (not yet provided).

Qlik Sense Visibility/Security

Our development team continues to work on final pieces of the visibility/security coding that are required before we can deploy the changes and make Qlik Sense available for all users who currently have access to ART.  We will have additional details regarding availability in the near future.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading - I'll be making this a regularly quarterly (or more) news update!

Candice Wiseman

Manager, Industry Compliance

Please contact us via the Customer Support Portal if you have any questions.