Qlik Sense Update

Qlik Sense Update
A reminder that last nights Qlik Sense rebuilds are taking longer than normal due to the recent WellSky update to Qlik Sense. Due to the amount of changes in this update each site required a full rebuild of data versus the normal shorter rebuilds which only included changes/additions since last rebuild.

Engineers monitored the rebuilds for any issues during the rebuild process and we discovered the Need Category piece was slowing down Qlik Sense rebuilds so we removed that piece temporarily to finish the rest of the update. Once the builds have finished we will re-evaluate when we can release the Need Category update in the near future. To prevent this issue from occurring in the future we plan to switch to more frequent smaller updates versus large updates to ensure builds finish in a timely manner.

We will send out an announcement in the future when we are ready to release the Need Category update to Qlik Sense.

Please review the "Qlik Sense Release Notes - 2019-08" document available in the "HACS" Customer Community library for more details. We have updated the Release Notes to reflect the removal of Need Category from this update. Please see Revision History in Release Notes for changes.
Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.