HDX 2.0 Downtime and Stella P Updates

From: automail <automail@mail.hudhdx2.info>
Date: Thu, Sep 26, 2019 at 4:20 PM
Subject: HDX 2.0 Downtime and Stella P Updates

What is happening?
The HDX 2.0 site is undergoing system upgrades to improve site performance and make changes to Stella P calculations. The site will not be accessible from 4am ET on Friday September 27, 2019 until 4am ET on Saturday September 28, 2019. A message will be sent once the site is available again. We apologize for the downtime.
What will change?
The Stella team has made several calculation corrections that you will notice once version 1.2 of the Stella Performance module is available. There will be no need to reupload your Longitudinal Systems Analysis (LSA) or re-Stellavise your datasets to see the updates.
Please review these items carefully to understand how your Stella Performance results may change.
  • System Performance by Household Type chart: adding count of Unknown HH Type to the tabular display.
  • System Performance Map, Days Homeless by Pathway chart, and Days Homeless by Population Group chart: corrected days homeless calculations of averages to include values for households with 0 days of system homelessness while in RRH/PSH prior to move-in or with 0 days of self-reported time homeless. Previously, those with zero days in those categories were excluded from the days homeless average, even though they were included in the denominator of households in that pathway group or population group.
  • Days Homeless by Pathway and Days Homeless by Population Group charts: updated the hover text on the grey RRH housed bar to include household counts for RRH After Move-in, which is the universe for days housed after move-in.
  • Returns to the Homeless System Trend chart: corrected percentages for each HH type on the tabular display.