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News from the US Interagency Council on Homelessness

September 16, 2019
Together, we are ending homelessness.
Creatively Building Pathways to Advance Employment and Equity
An initiative from the Heartland Alliance challenges communities to create more effective and equitable pathways to employment for people experiencing homelessness through systems change and collaboration.
Evidence Behind Approaches That Drive an End to Homelessness
A new report summarizes research regarding the importance of housing stability and the evidence base that informs key strategies for preventing and ending homelessness and guides investments into cost-effective solutions.
20 Counties in PA Effectively Ended Veteran Homelessness
Congratulations to 20 counties in the Western Pennsylvania Continuum of Care that worked together to effectively end Veteran homelessness!
News from Our Partners
Cheers for the Ten Communities Chosen for a Grand Challenge!

These communities were selected by Away Home America for their Grand Challenge to end youth homelessness. Congratulations for your hard work so far!
Federal Partners Offer Financial Tools for Members of the Military

The Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Defense partner on the Military Consumer website to offer financial resources and tools for members of the military.
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