Woman captures photo of homeless man's good deed in hopes of spreading kindness

looked out the window to see this happening. This is Chuck .. he's homeless and works his ass off helping every day in the cafe . This is "one of those people" that get labeled. Ya know the ones everyone wants outta sight, outta mind.. I didn't see anyone else out helping this young lady, just Chuck .. the homeless guy.. thank you Chuck #findthekind #kindnessmatters

The photo was posted on Facebook by 'Jessie Jean's on Historic 25th,' a cafe in Utah.

The good deed happened just outside the cafe, KSTU reports.

"I just wanted them to put a face to who they are judging," Anna Davidson, who co-owns the cafe with her husband Ron, told KSTU. "Like, 'Hey, here you go, that's one of those folks you want us to hide away somewhere where we can't see them.'"

The man in the photo is Chuck. The Davidsons say he has had a difficult life, but is always helping people.

Chuck explains that he spent years in and out of prison, and wanted to change. He credits the Davidsons with helping him to do that.

He says he helps at the restaurant to earn his next meal. According to Anna Davidson, he is working to get his food handlers permit.

"I wouldn't be right here, right now, talking to you, if wasn't for them two," Chuck said about Anna and Ron.

Anna said she hopes her Facebook post helps to spread kindness.

"We need to look at each person's story one by one and start seeing people for who they are, people," she told KSTU.

- Kelsie Hoffman, WBAL TV