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Build on Our Land, Say These Transit Agencies

Week of September 30
Sebi Devlin-Foltz, Opportunity Insights
Despite what we know about ZIP codes and opportunity, the majority of families receiving housing vouchers do not move to higher-opportunity neighborhoods. A recently completed pilot study may shed light on some reasons why, and . . . Read Full Article
Dan Reed, Freelance Reporter
Transit agencies are often the owners of underutilized land that could be used to provide desperately needed affordable housing. How are transit agencies and housing developers teaming up to develop more housing and increase ridership? Read Full Article
Jill Lordan, National Council on Agricultural Life and Labor Research Fund
The Self-Help program demands an enormous amount of physical and emotional energy from its participants, and is also challenging to administer. Despite the difficulties, there is no other program that compares to it. Read Full Article
Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Conference season is upon us. Now’s the time to think about how you’ll be traveling around those destination cities, because . . . Read Full Article

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Shelterforce, the original voice of community development!

Tuesday, Oct. 1, 1:30 p.m. ET | A Trauma-Informed Understanding of the Social Determinants of Health | Join The Root Cause Coalition, Alive and Well Communities, and the St. Louis Integrated Health Network for a discussion on the intersection of the social determinants of health and trauma-informed care. Register here.

Wednesday, Oct. 2, 11 a.m. PT | The Racial Equity in Journalism (REJ) Fund at Borealis Philanthropy, which seeks to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of news organizations led by people of color and increase civic engagement for communities of color, is hosting a webinar to share information about the process of applying for grants. Register here. 

Thursday, Oct. 10, 2 p.m. ET | National League of Cities (NLC) Web Forum | Join NLC's Health and Wellness team for a webinar to learn about the work of the cities involved with the Mayors' Institute on Opioids as they share lessons from their ongoing efforts over the past year. Participants will have a chance to ask questions and also receive resources developed through the cohort effort. Register here.

Reinvestment Fund announces new initiatives in memory of their founding executive director, Jeremy Nowak. The new initiatives are: Jeremy Nowak Memorial Lecture, the Creative Placemaking Fund, and the Nowak Fellowship. Learn more here.
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You Said It!
J. Smith: This article rings true. Recently, our city’s land bank released a RFP for a development project in our community. It was a fantastic opportunity to do impactful housing/mixed used development in our low income/ people of color neighborhood. Our historic community has. . . Read More

Bob: This article recognizes that each individual person must take some action to secure some of the “advantages” no matter where they live at the time. But getting them to “believe” in themselves is at issue. . . Read More

Joe Kriesberg: Truth! Essential reading for housing advocates and policy makers and for everyone else too who is concerned about neighborhoods and racial inequities. Via Twitter

Denton Affordable Housing Corporation: Housing is much more than a place to live; it's a place where people build their life, raise their families, and, most important, care for themselves. Via Facebook

Citizens' Institute on Rural Design: Great piece on how #RuralDesign can be the perfect antidote to the negativity that permeates rural America. Via Facebook

Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development: Thank you for the shout out in this terrific & important @Shelterforce piece! Via Twitter

Susan Marsh: Thank you for this. Via Twitter

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Director, Housing and Community Development, Atlanta, GA This position is responsible for a staff of 30+ with a budget of over $13 million. The Director is charged with developing, directing and administering various housing and community development programs to meet the needs of the residents of Fulton County. This will include grants administration, contract compliance. . . Read Full Listing
Manufactured Housing Project Manager, Sherwood, OR Casa of Oregon is seeking an individual who is committed to social change and is ready to work with residents and stakeholders in creating wealth and stability. The ideal candidate is a curious, motivated and mission-driven individual who can navigate the needs of multiple. . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director, Nashville, TN The Executive Director is the key management leader of New Level CDC. The Executive Director oversees the administration, programs and strategic direction of the organization. Other key duties include housing development, fundraising (specifically housing development grants), grant administration. . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director, Louisville, KY The Center for Neighborhoods is seeking a motivated, skilled Executive Director with experience in nonprofit administration and grassroots community planning and development. We are seeking someone to lead the organization into its next chapter of growth through. . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director, Montclair, NJ Launched in 2011, The Essex Community Land Trust (ECLT) strengthens communities by providing permanently affordable housing and financial empowerment opportunities for low- to moderate-income individuals and working families throughout Essex County. ECLT is looking for an executive director to manage. . . Read Full Listing
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