CoC APR and ESG CAPER Updates

CoC-APR and ESG CAPER Updates

After discussion with HUD and feedback from customer cases we are in the process of making the following updates to the CoC-APR and ESG CAPER reports:
  • Fix for updated Question 4a to resolve issue with "Emergency Shelter Tracking Method" not exporting for Emergency Shelter projects. Please note that if this question is answered for other project types it will not export since HUD only wants it answered for Emergency Shelter projects.
  • Update to display of Question 4a to show a few project descriptor data elements on screen and to then show additional exported project descriptor data elements on a pop-up screen.
  • Fix for "new" Question 23c which wasn't showing information for RRH projects.
  • Fix for Question 22e for instances where a client had both a missing "Housing Move In Date" and missing "Approximate Date Started Homelessness". They will now get counted in row 12, "Not yet moved into housing" per clarification from HUD.
  • Fix for Questions 19a1 and 19a3 for instances where a stayer had $0.00 at Entry but had income as of Annual Assessment. Per clarification from HUD these clients should be included in Questions 19a1 and 19a3.
  • Fix for "new" Questions 19b and 27i due to an issue where it was ignoring answers to the "Receiving Income Source" question when counting income sources. Resolved an issue with the way disability information was calculated as of Project Start Date. Also resolved formatting issue on screen for last 3 columns.

Please note these fixes/updates will be released in Community Services (ServicePoint) version 5.13.1. We will send out another announcement in the future when this new version is available for upgrades.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have questions.