ServicePoint Error: CoC-APR 2019 Question 23c

ServicePoint users, we recently submitted a "Critical" support case to WellSky (HMIS software vendor) because the totals in the CoC-APR 2019 question 23c (Exit Destination) do not match the number of Leavers in question 5a.  You might not notice this unless you run a report with lots of data (try using a large provider for an entire year as the date range).  We're assuming this has something to do with the revised picklist items in the Exit Destination question as per the new 2020 HUD HMIS Data Standards.  WellSky already moved this case to their Development Team, so we should hear something soon.  I'll keep you posted.

WELLSKY UPDATE 10/8/19: The issue with the HUD APR is currently being fixed by Development and we should have it available by before the end of next week.

WELLSKY UPDATE 10/9/19: Please note these fixes/updates will be released in Community Services (ServicePoint) version 5.13.1. We will send out another announcement in the future when this new version is available for upgrades. 

WELLSKY UPDATE 10/9/19: We will have update 5.13.1 available sometime next week between 10/23 to 10/25 that will fix the issue.

WELLSKY UPDATE 10/23/19: We will update to 5.13.1 on 10/26.