SP 5.13.0 is Now Available

ServicePoint 5.13.0 is now available. This is considered a "major" release. This means you have to create a case in the WellSky Customer Community in order to upgrade to this version. The additional step will allow you the opportunity to review the release notes prior to upgrading the site for your end-users.
This release includes updates and enhancements to:
  • 2020 HUD Data Dictionary Project Descriptor Data Elements Changes
    • Moved all retired Data Elements to bottom of page
    • Changes to Bed and Unit Inventory section
    • Change to order of Data Elements
    • Changes to Federal Partner section
  • 2020 HUD Data Dictionary Universal Data Elements Changes
    • Revised Destination picklist with Data Dictionary Changes
    • Revised Prior Living Situation picklist with Data Dictionary Changes
    • Updated Conditional Logic with new picklist values added to Prior Living Situation
  • 2020 HUD Data Dictionary Program Specific Data Elements Changes
    • Creation of "2020" HUD/Federal Partner Assessments
    • Creation of Current Living Situation Sub-Assessment
    • Change to PATH Status section in PATH Assessments with this Question
    • Changes to RHYMIS Sexual Orientation picklist
    • Changes to SSVF Service picklists
    • Creation of Coordinated Entry Event Sub-Assessment
    • Creation of Coordinated Entry Assessment Sub-Assessment
  • Other HUD changes
    • Updated optional Target Population A picklist
    • Add "(HUD)" to "Interim Housing" picklist value for Prior Living Situation
    • Add "-----Other-----" header to Prior Living Situation picklist to separate out other options
  • Updates were made to the following reports to meet the HUD Data Dictionary for 2020
    • CoC-APR 2018
    • ESG CAPER 2018
Release notes can be found in the Libraries area of the WellSky Customer Community.
We also released two additional documents over the weekend:
  • "FY2020 HUD Data Dictionary Assessment Changes V01" - This document will assist customers wanting to update custom assessments with the 2020 assessment changes.
  • "FY2020 DS Master Assessments V4 9_28_19" - This was updated from v3 to v4 and reflects what information appears on each of the 2020 WellSky assessments listed in the 5.13.0 Release Notes.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have any questions.