Data Lab Homelessness Analysis Updated with FY 2019 Data!

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Dear Friends,

As you may remember, Treasury's Bureau of the Fiscal Service launched the Homelessness Analysis on the Data Lab in the summer of 2018. This analysis provides users with interactive visualizations to quickly explore various programs impacting homeless populations. Coinciding with Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week, the data and visualizations have been refreshed to include Fiscal Year 2019 federal spending data and 2018 homelessness data. These visualizations still contain information about the federal dollars funding your Continuum of Care Program and allow you to navigate to specific regions that display the grants addressing homelessness in those regions. 

Did you know?
·         The population of Los Angeles is almost 40 million people, and one out of every 1,000 is homeless—that's 13 homeless people per square mile.
·         In 2019, the Continuum of Care Program spent $1.693 billion to fight homelessness throughout the United States.
You can see the full analysis here.

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