Migrating ART reports to Qlik Sense

WellSky Professional Services: ART Report Migration to Qlik Sense

Start migrating your reports to Qlik Sense now, with help from WellSky.

As WellSky Community Services migrates to the Qlik Sense reporting system, you will gain powerful visual analytic and filtering tools that will bring new insights to your organization and stakeholders. If you need help migrating your ART reports to Qlik Sense, WellSky can make the move easier with Professional Services to help you convert some of your reports.
We already understand your system, the Qlik Sense platform, and the unique requirements you face. One call to WellSky can free your team to focus on more important projects that serve your community.
To find out how WellSky can help your reporting, download this ART Report Migration Form. Simply use the form to describe the report-building help you need. A WellSky consultant will discuss your request with you, review any concerns, and provide a timeline and cost for rebuilding your report(s).
Or call today:855-935-5759 ext. 3.