SP 5.13.2 is Now Available

ServicePoint 5.13.2 is now available. This is considered a "minor" release. This means if you are setup for automatic upgrades you will get this upgrade automatically during your normally scheduled upgrade window. If you want this upgrade earlier than this time frame or if you do not have automatic upgrades enabled for your site, please create a case in the Customer Community detailing when you'd like the upgrade performed on your site. If you have already created a case for this specific upgrade request then a new case is not needed.
This release includes only updates to the SSVF Export.
Release notes can be found in the Libraries area of the WellSky Customer Community.
Updates to the PATH report will occur in 5.13.3. We will send out an announcement in the future when it is available.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have any questions.