SSVF Program Update Friday (Wednesday) November 27th, 2019

From: Supportive Services for Veteran Families
Sent: Wednesday, November 27, 2019 10:05 AM
Subject: SSVF Program Update Friday (Wednesday) November 27th, 2019


1.Save the Date: SSVF National Webinar December 12, 2019 2:00 EST
2.Important: December Repository Upload
3.Reminder: End of Year Requirements
4.New: Revised FY2020 VA Data Guide

Save the Date:  SSVF National Webinar December 12, 2019 2:00 EST

Staff from the VA Homeless Program Office Clinical Operations will present an overview of S.A.V.E training, a nationally recognized best practice method for Veteran suicide prevention. Participants will learn the steps of S.A.V.E. and receive instructions on what resources to connect to when identifying a Veteran who is at risk of suicide.  SSVF Program Office staff will also review requirements for all SSVF grantee agency staff regarding Suicide Prevention training.

Registration information will be provided when available.

Important: December Repository Upload

New guidance from the Program Office has recommended that grantees only conduct Rapid Resolution conversations with Veterans who are enrolled in SSVF HP or RRH projects.  This new guidance eliminates the need for grantees to enter Rapid Resolution conversations and the results of those conversations into a separate Coordinated Entry Event and Rapid Resolution specific HMIS project.    While the SSVF program office is no longer requiring grantees to set up these separate projects, the CSV file (Event.csv) included to capture this information was not removed from the VA Repository in time for the December upload that begins next week.  When conducting uploads, grantees may receive error messages stating that the Event.csv is a required CSV file, however this is no longer a requirement and grantees will not be penalized for uploads not working due to the missing Event.csv file.  Grantees who are experiencing other errors or rejected uploads should reach out to TA for support at

Reminder: End of Year Requirements

In an effort to minimize the need for re-submissions and to streamline the review process for the End of Year Requirement in GIFTS for grantees that were approved for an extension, below are some tips that grantees can follow to avoid errors and re-submission.

•Read the instructions of the first tab of the FER (Financial Expenditure Report)
•Be sure to provide justifications for any line items with a variance of +/-10%
•Be sure to use the FER template that was provided to your organization by the program office.
•When attaching the FER file to your requirement submission, please leave the file name the same as what was provided (XX-YY-ZZZ_FY19_Financial_Expenditure_Report)
•Be sure to complete the FFR (Federal Financial Report) in PMS (Payment Management System). There is a response requested on the EOY requirement in GIFTS asking grantees to certify this is done. An organization should not be answering "yes" to this question if the FFR has not been submitted.

New: Revised FY2020 VA Data Guide

The revised VA Data Guide describes data management expectations for SSVF grantees that are required to participate in HMIS.  The guide conveys information regarding the tools needed to properly meet HMIS requirements and manage program data.  The reporting requirements in 38 CFR 62.71 have been designed to provide VA with the information needed to assess the outcomes associated with grantees' programs.  As a result of this, VA anticipates grantees' programs will assist in reducing the number of Veteran families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.  Grantees are encouraged to pay close attention to updates in the VA Data Guide related to data standards, including new guidance for FY2020 on Returning Home and Rapid Resolution data capture requirements.  The revised FY2020 Data Guide is on the SSVF website and can be found at the link below:

Thank You,

SSVF Program Office