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The Problem with "Change Makers"

Week of November 11
In This Issue: The Inside World of “Change Makers” Remembering Dean Matsubayashi Move to the Front of the LineThe Dark Side of Single-Family Rental Also: Jobs ● Industry News ● Events ● Resources In Case You Missed It +
Jake Blumgart, Freelancer
Community preference policies have become increasingly controversial. Some say the policies fight displacement, while others argue that the policies are exclusionary. Here’s how different cities are balancing these two concerns. Read Full Article
Josh Ishimatsu, National CAPACD
A community development professional eulogizes a beloved friend and colleague, and discusses how an activist’s phrase exemplified his vision of justice and can be a signpost for those who continue to fight displacementRead Full Article
Review by Miriam Axel-Lute, Shelterforce
Reading Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman alongside Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World by Anand Giridharadas is a fascinating thought experiment. That’s because . . . Read Full Article
From the Shelterforce archive:
Julia Gordon, National Community Stabilization Trust
After the foreclosure crisis, global equity firms snapped up thousands of single-family homes to rent out. This massive shift in the market has not been good for aspiring homeowners, tenants, or neighborhoods because . . . Read Full Article
Industry News

Sam Fields joins Shelterforce as operations assistant. She comes to Shelterforce from the retail industry, where she gained experience in customer relations, communications, and management. Her passion lies in the social justice sector and we’re happy to provide an opportunity for her to put her talents to work in it.

Thursday, Nov. 14, 2 p.m. ET | Social Determinants of Health and Housing |
Join The National Housing Conferences Restoring Neighborhoods Taskforce for this webinar to learn more about the work Fannie Mae is doing to improve the quality of life for tenants nationwide by addressing both social and physical determinants of health. Register here.

Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2:30 p.m. ET | Borrowing From Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) | Join this webinar to hear information about borrowing from LISC, including: lending, underwriting guidelines and project diligence, and monitoring and asset management. Register here.

Wednesday, Nov. 20, 1 p.m. ET | Larger Than Cities and Towns: Partnering for Health at a Regional Level | Join the Build Healthy Places Network for this webinar to meet three organizations from across the country that are driving innovative regional approaches to improve health outcomes, enhance opportunity, and advance equity. Hear about the economic, cultural and policy forces shaping these dynamic multi-sector partnerships. Register here.

Thursday, Nov. 21, 1:30 p.m. ET | Reimagined in America | Join the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for this webinar that will discuss how we can tackle social isolation and strengthen social connectedness in our communities, inspired by ideas from around the world. Register here.

Thursday, Nov. 21, 2 p.m. ET | Remaking the Economy in Indian Country | Join Nonprofit Quarterly for this webinar to learn how Native-American activists are building food hubs, creating marketplaces that feature indigenous foods, and restructuring markets so that Native artisans and producers achieve far greater benefit from their labor. Register here.

Videos of “Aging in (a) Place: Planning, Design & Spatial Justice in Aging Societies” are now available. This public symposium, a partnership of The Hastings Center and The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, is part of The Hastings Center’s public-facing initiative Bioethics for Aging Societies: Informing Policy and Practice.
We only list free events and resources of national interest. To learn about advertising, click here.
You Said It
Antony Bugg-Levine: Thanks Shelterforce for this detailed reporting on an initiative that is as exciting as it is obvious (best ones often are). Via Twitter

Joseph Laws: This tension is REAL. I think we as planners and community developers have an obligation to do right by communities in both the near term and long term. Balancing those two timelines means we're walking a tightrope most of the time. Via Twitter

Doug Ryan: Excellent article, which pulls together a number of key ideas. The last section, notes how we oversell the import of LIHTC, that disinvestment displaces and in many communities space is available, is especially noteworthy. Via Twitter

Barb Van Kerkhove: Many great points in this article about #revitalization v #gentrification that may very well apply to Upstate and Western NY cities. It also makes me want to look at demographic changes over time in #ROC neighborhoods. Via Twitter

Chelsea Allinger: People from places like D.C., NYC, BOS are defining community development policy and “best” practice; that lens harms places like Youngstown, Hartford, Albany, where housing dynamics are fundamentally different. Thank you @miriam_mjoy for writing this. Via Twitter

Peter Duvall: Hit the nail squarely on the head. Unfortunately, convincing “experts” living in overheated markets that their situation isn’t the norm is like using a hammer to hit one’s own head. Read More

Dan Immergluck: Id like to see term “workforce housing” banned. It has “deserving poor” vs “non-deserving poor” connotations and implies those “below” folks in “workforce housing” dont work (often untrue) or worse. Its effort to fight stigma, but I agree w/ this view. Via Twitter

Ken Richard: We have all heard the argument that the housing market is segmented, it was argued that we could not experience a national housing crisis for that very reason, and then we witnessed exactly that, a national housing crisis that brought down the rest of the national economy. Read More

John Hersey: Good consideration of equitable joint development opportunities here, Dan. I really enjoyed reading this piece. One note: In your line . . . Read More
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Program Vice President, Southern Region, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC), Washington, D.C. ● The Program Vice President will oversee market analyses and craft an implementation plan for the launch of new LISC offices, recruit and manage a staff to carry out LISC’s strategy and operate its programs, recruit . . . Read Full Listing
Director of Advocacy and Communications, Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED), Washington, D.C. ● The Director of Advocacy and Communications will work under the direction of the President & CEO to drive CNHED’s advocacy and communications strategies, promoting the work of the organization, its members, and the broader community development field in the District . . . Read Full Listing
Vice President for Development, Coalition for Nonprofit Housing and Economic Development (CNHED), Washington, D.C. ● The Vice President for Development will work under the supervision of the President/CEO to develop and implement a strategic fundraising plan, expand CNHED’s philanthropic and government funding sources, and strengthen the . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director, Nevada Housing Coalition, Nevada ● The Executive Director will be responsible for general oversight of all Nevada Housing Coalition (NHC) programs and functions, for managing and supporting the implementation of NHC's legislative agenda and for providing the Board of Directors with necessary information for effective organizational management . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director, Capitol Hill Ecodistrict, Seattle, WA Reporting to the CEO of Capitol Hill Housing, the Executive Director will be responsible for prioritizing a plan for self-sufficiency, as well as for directing the development, implementation, monitoring, and improvement of local policies, programs, and . . . Read Full Listing
Manager of Homeownership Services, Seattle, WA ● Homestead seeks a community land trust specialist who will have both hands-on and leadership responsibility for homeownership services and stewardship. The Manager designs and implements policies and processes that support applicants in becoming first-time homeowners, and . . . Read Full Listing
Tenure-track Assistant or Associate Professor of Real Estate Development, New Orleans, LA ● This position will support our educational mission in the teaching of real estate development at both the graduate and undergraduate levels, while contributing to the development of our urban research agenda in the areas of social impact, cultural preservation, and . . . Read Full Listing
Real Estate Development Manager, Charlottesville, VA ● The Manager is responsible for managing the entire development process of large, complex affordable multi-family projects, including feasibility analysis, acquisition, deal structuring, design development, financing, public approvals, construction, and close-out. Primary . . . Read Full Listing
Executive Director, Montclair, NJ Launched in 2011, The Essex Community Land Trust (ECLT) strengthens communities by providing permanently affordable housing and financial empowerment opportunities for low- to moderate-income individuals and working families throughout Essex County. ECLT is looking for an executive director to manage. . . Read Full Listing
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