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Experiencing a housing crisis is one of the most stressful times in someone's life. The National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) has been working with our national network of service providers since 1990 to help veterans resolve housing crises and to build systems that end veteran homelessness across communities.
There was a time when many thought homelessness was an overwhelming problem that could only be managed and not solved, because it was too big and complicated to find a solution. Yet, homelessness among veterans has decreased by 50% since 2010. We know the solution is to help communities build systems of care that move people into permanent housing quickly and address the root causes of persistent poverty.
When NCHV was created, there was only one federal program focused on providing employment assistance to homeless veterans but there were no housing-focused programs. NCHV successfully advocated for the creation of the Department of Veterans Affair's first programs to focus on outreach and shelter for homeless veterans. The Coalition has been involved with the creation of, and improvements to, every federally authorized program to end veteran homelessness.  
I'd like to share an advocacy success story with you. Several key coalition members highlighted concerns around an inability to provide additional support to veterans they helped to leave homelessness.  Housing placements are momentous for veterans, but can also present new problems, such as isolation, that exacerbate mental health issues and can lead to homelessness again. We were able to work to get legislation introduced that would allow an existing grant program to also use its funds for follow up case management. Grants for this program were awarded to communities across the county and grantees were able to start serving veterans on October 1. Our partnership with community providers and our members allows us to make a difference for veterans and we look forward to seeing how this program enhances housing stability and prevents homelessness.
Unfortunately, there are still approximately 37,800 veterans on any given night who are in need of assistance. NCHV is privileged to use our knowledge and contacts with providers across the country to get these veterans assistance as quickly as possible. People just like you have supported NCHV and your support will allow us to assist more veterans who are in need.
It's the generous financial support from people who think veterans should not be homeless that makes this work possible. My hope is that you are one of those people, and that you will choose to help us save lives and restore hope. There is no good reason that a single veteran should be without a place to sleep at night, and I can promise you that NCHV will do everything we can to ensure every veteran has a place to call home. Visit our website (www.nchv.org) or click the link above and donate today, to honor veterans during a time of vulnerability.
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Kathryn Monet
Chief Executive Officer
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