2019 HUD SPM Update

HUD SPM Update

Over the weekend we released the following System Performance Measures (SPM) reports and revised User Manuals:
  • 0701 - Exits to Permanent Housing with Return to Homelessness, Metric 2 - v9
  • 0706 - Permanent Housing Placement-Retention Metric 7 - v10

Please note some of you will have a later date showing than this past weekend in the ART browser for these mapped ART Gallery reports. You can use the above version information to confirm you have the correct version.

We will send out announcements with each release of the remaining revised 0640 and 0700 series ART Gallery reports. As a reminder, the revised "System Performance Measures Prompt Dates FY2019" document is available in the Customer Community library. This document has the recommended prompt values for the current submission.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have further questions.