A warm Thanksgiving feast for our shelter residents (Baltimore County, MD)

This week, families and individual residents from CAN's shelters joined with other Baltimore County shelters and homeless programs for a warm Thanksgiving feast hosted by Morning Star Baptist Church in Woodlawn. Men, women, and children gathered with their hosts from the church community for a dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, and all the fixings! Guests also went home with free shoes, clothes, and toys.
At our Westside Men's Shelter in Catonsville, the Loverde Family Community Fund enlisted volunteers who return every year for the annual Thanksgiving feast for men staying at the shelter. The Loverdes brought a classic Thanksgiving meal, a local band, gifts, and Santa, spreading joy to residents and staff. 
Did you know that Community Assistance Network (CAN) operates two of Baltimore County's largest homeless shelters, and distributes the most food of any of almost 200 pantries in the county? 
Baltimore County is home to more than 28,000 households living in poverty, according to United Way's ALICE Report. A family of four needs $76,344 as a bare minimum to live and work in Baltimore County today—a greater income than so many working families bring home.
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Last year, CAN housed more than 1,850 formerly homeless men, women, and children in need of a warm meal and a bed to sleep in.
Our Thanksgiving meal is just one opportunity a year when we join as a community to give thanks for the food, shelter, and support we can share with our friends who are facing hard times.
"I had a couple of dollars, but it wasn't enough to really sustain me," Robert, a former shelter resident, shared. "I didn't really know what to expect, but I found it was a place to help me out. When I exited, I had everything that I needed—all of the certifications that I needed to get back on my feet."
Today, Robert owns his own business and returns to the shelter to volunteer, sharing his message of hope with current shelter residents.
"What a difference a year can make."
Giving Tuesday is just around the corner. This year, give to CAN to help your Baltimore County neighbors who, like Robert, need a second chance.
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