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HOPWA IDIS Update: Approximate Cost Incurred Date
The Office of HIV/AIDS Housing (OHH) has been working on important new Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) updates for both the Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS (HOPWA) and HOPWA-C pathways impacting formula and competitive HOPWA grantees. A new field called “Approximate Cost Incurred Date” has been added to the voucher screen for HOPWA and will go live later this month with the next IDIS release. This new field is to be completed for each HOPWA and HOPWA-C voucher line item when drawing funds. This new field is intended to identify the approximate date activities took place for which costs were incurred, and for which the grantee is seeking reimbursement.

HUD understands that a short delay must occur between when costs are incurred by the grantee or project sponsor and when funds are drawn in IDIS. This added feature will help track the draws, not only by when they were processed in IDIS, but now also by the approximate time period during which the costs were incurred. Guidance on best practices for selecting the specific date to include on the voucher will be forthcoming.

Overview of Updates

  • We anticipate this additional data field will be helpful in a number of ways, including:
    • Supporting grantee reconciliation of local accounts with IDIS
    • Using as reference documentation for grantee monitoring of project sponsors
    • Assisting with HUD reviews of grant activity that occurred in a particular timeframe
  • The new “Approximate Cost Incurred Date” will allow HUD to affiliate drawn expenses with specific grantee operating years for the first time. HUD hopes this information will support performance reporting efforts. For that reason, we ask that individual voucher line items contain only draws for activities that occurred in the same annual reporting period. (This may mean breaking up a draw into two parts.) Flags in the system will request that the grantee confirm that the draw amounts should be associated with the reporting period that corresponds to the approximate date provided.
  • HOPWA-specific updates to the MicroStrategy Reports PR05 and PR07 will also go live later this month and will provide an export on the “Approximate Cost Incurred Date” information captured in IDIS. Additional information will also be forthcoming about these report changes.
Guidance will be forthcoming as this update goes live. Please submit any questions or concerns to the HOPWA Ask a Question (AAQ) portal.

HOPWA Financial Management Reminders

  1. Each HOPWA grant has a 3-year period of performance (24 CFR 574.540).
  2. Grantees should draw quarterly (every 90 days) on each active HOPWA grant within the period of performance per the HOPWA grant agreement.
  3. Grantees must make payment within 30 calendar days after receipt of the billing of eligible expenses (2CFR200.305(b)(3)) from project sponsors.
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