Hotfix Applied For Issue with Q22e in APR/CAPER

Hotfix Applied for Issue with Question 22e in CoC-APR and ESG CAPER

WellSky discovered an issue with the HUD report specifications related to the programming of Q22e in the CoC-APR and ESG CAPER. This affects clients in a household that are not marked as head of household and do not have the Approximate Date Started Homelessness question answered. We received clarification from HUD that all household members will get the answer to this question from the head of household even if the household member has a date of birth that is after the recorded Approximate Date Started Homelessness for the head of household.

WellSky applied a hotfix to all customer sites on version 5.13.01 or higher on the evening of December 17 th, 2019. We will also be including it in the 5.13.04 version which is expected to be released in January 2020. If your site is on a version prior to 5.13.01 and you upgrade to it or higher prior to release of 5.13.04 please create a case in the Customer Community so that support can work with development to get the hotfix applied to your site.

Please create a case in the Customer Community if you have questions.