Quickly evaluate a client’s eligibility for services

Executive Summary: WellSky Eligibility

Navigate complex program requirements in seconds with WellSky's Eligibility module

Refer your clients confidently to the services they need with WellSky's Eligibility module. This time-saving tool works inside your Community Services (ServicePoint) system to guide case managers or call center staff through a simple assessment during client intake. Users simply:
  • Ask a few qualifying questions displayed on the screen;
  • Choose from the programs your client qualifies to enter;
  • Generate the referral(s) from the same screen.
The Eligibility module references the data already in your Community Services system, so it's fast, accurate, and up-to-date. Your clients receive reliable referrals to get the help they need right away. To find out more, download this free Executive Summary. Or call today: 855-935-5759 ext. 3