NAEH: The solution is simple: Housing ends homelessness.

Dear Friend,

The solution to homelessness is simple: making sure people have a home. But for a growing group of extremely vulnerable people, this is a goal that is harder and harder to achieve. 

I am speaking of the rising number of people who live on the streets because there are not enough shelters – the unsheltered homeless population – and the expanding group of older people experiencing homelessness, many with serious health problems. Housing, services and health care are the solution to their homelessness. But housing in particular is getting harder and harder to find.

Despite the challenges, communities continue to make progress. 

And in 2019, the Alliance made good on its commitment to support our homeless neighbors.

This year, the Alliance's Policy Team worked to ensure that the Administration and Congress were fully up to speed on the proven solutions to homelessness, and that good programs continue to receive enough funding to house people.

Our Homelessness Research Institute continued to produce critically important data and analysis on emerging issues, including understanding the nature of unsheltered homelessness and its solutions, while also researching the needs of older people experiencing homelessness.

The Alliance's Center for Capacity Building worked with communities to act on emerging research detailing the needs of older people experiencing homelessness. It collaborated with states and cities across the country to re-tool their crisis homeless systems so that people could be housed much faster and avoid spending months or even years on the streets. 

As we look toward the future, we know there are challenges ahead. But we remain determined, and we need your help.

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Together, our staff, board, and supporters commit ourselves to ending to homelessness in America.


Nan Roman
President and Chief Executive Officer
National Alliance to End Homelessness
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