CSH: Supportive Housing Works

Supportive Housing Works

Supportive housing is an innovative and proven solution to some of the toughest problems communities face. A combination of very affordable housing and support services, supportive housing is designed to help vulnerable individuals and families thrive. And it's working. 

What the Research Shows

Research demonstrates the positive effects supportive housing has on housing stability, employment, mental and physical health, and school attendance. It also has proven supportive housing can reduce the use of crisis care and public systems.

Communities like Mecklenburg County in North Carolina who embraced FUSE supportive housing, experienced significant reductions in shelter usage (87%), ambulance service charges (24%), and hospital charges (43%) for their most frequent users of public systems once they were stably housed and had access to services. 

Who Lives in Supportive Housing?

Supportive housing benefits people who would have difficulty remaining housed without a wide range of services. For families at the crossroads of homelessness and child welfare involvement, LGBTQ youth and youth aging out of foster care, justice involved individuals, people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, and our aging population, access to housing and the appropriate services can mean the difference between surviving and thriving.

Our CSH Speak Up! Advocates are supportive housing residents who offer their lived expertise as stories of hope to demonstrate the impact of supportive housing and create change in their communities. You can hear from them directly by clicking here

Supportive Housing Resources

Through our Training Center, CSH offers practical, interactive training solutions that empower people to learn about, build and provide high-quality supportive housing in their community. The Training Center includes hundreds of webinars and webinar series, self-paced online classes and videos. You can also search our extensive library of supportive housing research, programs, papers, data, profiles, tools, cases and evaluations, to learn more.

Supportive Housing 101

Our free, self-paced, online class is designed to introduce you to the history, principles, applications and evaluations of supportive housing.

The Essentials

This series of 6 webinars is what supportive housing providers need to successfully serve tenants, including a course on the Housing First model.