HUD Releases New IDIS Training for CDBG Grantees

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HUD Releases New IDIS Training for CDBG Grantees
HUD is pleased to announce the availability of several *new* training modules for Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) grantees on using the Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS).

As a CDBG grantee, whether you are a veteran user of the IDIS system or you are just learning how to add activities, report on accomplishments, or initiate financial transactions in IDIS, this training series is for you! In each module, follow along as IDIS expert users show you exactly how to navigate through screens and enter your data correctly.

You can:
  • Review just those points where you need a refresher
  • See the progression of screens for adding activities or reporting accomplishments
  • Listen to video FAQs
  • Check your knowledge with application questions

New Low Mod Jobs (LMJ) Modules Now Available!

Introduction to Low Mod Jobs Activities

*New* Introduction to LMJ Activities provides information on the eligible uses of CDBG for low mod jobs activities, the LMJ national objective, and common mistakes to avoid when reporting on those activities.

*New* Adding LMJ Activities provides step by step instruction on adding a new LMJ activity, so that you can commit program funds to it and use IDIS to draw funds from your grant allocation.

*New* Reporting on LMJ Accomplishments provides instruction on the data entry process of reporting accomplishment data for an LMJ activity, which must be done annually although more frequent reporting is encouraged.

New to IDIS?

Before exploring modules on specific National Objectives, explore Introduction to IDIS which presents the IDIS system and why IDIS is an essential tool for CDBG grant administration.

Want to Explore Other Modules?

To explore all modules that are part of this training series, including modules on Low Mod Housing (LMH), Low Mod Area (LMA), and Limited Clientele (LMC) visit the IDIS Training for CDBG Grantees page on the HUD Exchange.

New Modules Coming Soon

Additional modules are in development addressing the Slum Blight (SB) & Urgent Need (UG) national objective, as well as a module on Financial Management.
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