HUD: System Performance Measures Updates for CoCs

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System Performance Measures Updates for CoCs
Data is a critical tool for driving change in communities. Continuums of Care (CoCs) are currently in the process of submitting their FY 2019 system performance measures – with a due date of February 28, 2020.

HUD is happy to announce that it has updated the CoC-level system performance measures data since FY 2015. This data is from the initial FY 2018 submissions as well as updated FY 2015-2017 submissions. While the FY 2018 data may have some issues as CoCs work through initial submissions, it is invaluable for getting a picture of what is going on across the country. HUD has added a few items to help CoCs create some points of comparison, including information about where CoCs are, their relative size, and how much funding they receive. This is just one more resource communities can look to as they strive to use data to make informed decisions about how to better end homelessness.

HUD also updated the National Summary to include FY 2018 results. This summary includes a small printable report and a link to a visualization site that allows CoCs to adjust the data for their local analysis purposes.
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